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Dr. Professor Stephen Barnhart

Stephen Barnhart holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Education Administration; M.S. in  Security, Technology & Management; Bachelor of Science in Criminal  Justice; Bachelor of Science in Computer Technology and a Diploma in  Electronics Technology. He also holds the highest educational honor of  Academician of the Russian Academy of Science. Dr. Barnhart's past and  current positions include; Police Officer; Sheriffs Deputy; State Licensed  Investigator, Fireman, Bonded Locksmith, Countermeasures Technician;  Certified Alarm Technician; Law Enforcement Press Photographer; as well as  an internationally recognized Security Consultant. 

Dr. Barnhart is also a member of The Presidential Business Commission, and  has been invited to The President's Dinner in Washington, D.C., was voted  Businessman of the Year, as seen in the Wall Street Journal, is presently  the International Educational Advisor for IAPPA The  International Association of Personal Protection Agents; former Director  of World Programs, for the World Security Organization; Educational  Consultant for Mondial Police Department; and works with a number of other  organizations on a local and international level. Dr. Barnhart is also the  Chancellor of The  International University  and President of Barnhart International.   

Dr. Barnhart and associates have been awarded a contract in Centro  America, to provide physical and electronic security for the largest  housing project in the Country, consisting of 25,000 homes.

Dr. Barnhart with President Trump
Dr. Barnhart in Atlantic City by Invitation of Donald Trump