Dr. Barnhart with Dr. Ken Rabac I have followed Dr. Barnhart’s career, via the Internet and by way of my own network of international education scholars and colleagues, and I repeatedly thought to myself, “now here is the one consultant that has put all of the pieces together”. When higher education made the transition to Internet and internationalism, the entire field was transformed. Steve was continually the analyst who could interpret, apply and explain the changes; and he created a viable network of contacts, associates and associations to form enduring partnerships that have made him the most efficient, knowledgeable and expeditious higher education consultant I have encountered. Steve leaves many other consultants in the dust because his partnerships allow him to move on things and get things done. Steve also leaves many consultants in the past because he is so well versed on industry developments and regulations. I was happy to join the IBEC team because I had experienced firsthand the capabilities this team has to accomplish educational goals.

Dr. Ken Rabac
Amity College, Florida